HOME     CREATE ACCOUNT     LOGIN     FAQ is an informational site to enable patients to find medications that are available for 44 for amonths supply or $9.99 for a three month supply

Generic Medications for most common conditions for as low 
                                  as $4 for a 30 day supply!

            Many chain store pharmacies now offer generic medications for $4 for a 
                                                   30 day supply.
              Supermarkets also have similar programs in their in-store pharmacies.
                             Some smaller pharmacies offer these programs too.

             These programs provide a set list of medications for a fixed  low price.
                                                         no insurance is required.

Some provide a

 Some have

                In addition to these the quantities, strength and the list vary.

Ezmedicalinfo’s  search program makes it easy to sort through all of this and with one click you are able to find a source and all other relevant information.


We list all available medications in the  Generic Medication Programs of chain store pharmacies and in-store pharmacies of supermarkets.

The subsections Brand /Generic list and Generic/Brand list are primarily for the patients to enable them to find out what is available at low prices.


The others – Alphabetical listing  and List by Condition help the busy physician prescribe low cost alternatives.

One can  also  search by store name - this will give you the list of medications sold at a fixed low price at that particular chain store pharmacy / supermarket pharmacy.

By prescribing from these lists the physician will save patients money and if medically appropriate by prescribing the maximum amount allowed one will garner more savings.

Even those with insurance will benefit as sometimes the co-payment is higher than what these the programs charge.

Low cost medications ultimately translate into better compliance.

All pharmacy chains are not listed. Some will be updated soon - others have common lists and will not be updated - however we have provided links to them. 

Awaiting posting

Acme (Ohio)
Dominick's ( Genuardi's -same list as Dominick's ) 
Wegmans ( Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia)
Fruthpharmacy ( West Virginia, Ohio )

Common lists

The list for Krogers applies also to the following stores -

Fry's, Hilander, King soopers,   
Owen's MarketPaylessSmith's Food

       Certain pharmacies require  you to apply for a discount card

                      CVS, K-Mart, RiteAid, Walgreens



We update the information regularly; however for the most up to date  information please visit the company websites:

CVS/pharmacy, Giant Foods, Kmart, Kroger, Ralphs, RiteAid,Shoprite, Stop and Shop,Schnuks, Target, Walgreens, Walmart     



              Physicians can easily check available low priced medications before prescribing.

                We recommend that patients ask their physicians to prescribe from these lists 
                                                        if they want to save money. 
                        Begin your search now for $4 generic medications and save money! 
                                                     No insurance required.
                    Search medication, select pharmacy, buy a month /3 month's supply
                                                   at the low price indicated. 

                                 Search  medications   - by Alphabetical order
                                                                - by
Medical Condition       
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